We develop modern, functional and sustainable residential buildings in attractive areas, where the design and material selection are relevant and long-lasting. At InHouse, we stand for safety, quality and care.

We choose modern layouts, interesting architecture and high-quality materials, all while creating practical homes that are suitable for modern living. Since we take full responsibility for the construction process, from land acquisition to the very handover of the apartments, we can assure the quality of our residential spaces and therefore provide security to our customers.

Our vision is to create residential buildings that stand out. We like to build homes where we would love to live ourselves. Each of our projects is adapted to its location, surroundings and the people who will inhabit it. At the same time, our projects contribute to the city’s urban qualities. We create attractive buildings where people will actually like to spend their time, enjoying both the buzz of the metropolitan and the peacefulness of a personalized and tranquil space.

The apartments in our projects are an excellent investment for short-term rental purposes. We select our venues carefully, so each of our projects is situated in a developing area that is on the cusp of becoming highly popular and in demand. Additionally, InHouse offers its buyers a holistic property management service.

As much as we find inspiration in our trips around the world, we are truly fascinated by the city we live in and are eager to preserve its style and language. We care about the local history, character and identity. We adapt to Tel Aviv and to its local climate and atmosphere.

Living in this innovative city, we are constantly on the lookout for solutions, services and art that will render everyday life simpler and more convenient for our residents. We are inspired by Tel Aviv’s physical and social settings, and aim to enhance this environment with our projects by creating buildings that benefit the people of Tel Aviv. One example for how we do it is our plan to create ground floors that provide added value to buildings, their inhabitants and the pedestrians in their immediate surroundings.

Tel Aviv, a hub of constant change and development, inspires us. As it grows, we grow with it. Tel Aviv is constantly looking for new opportunities – and so are we.