Arik Chen

Arik is a business entrepreneur and the former owner of a beverage company. He had managed the development and construction for a building in Tel Aviv, which made him realize that this is exactly the field where he would like to evolve and create. Arik, who is responsible for InHouse’s sales and marketing, is the creative mind behind the operations. He is thoroughly involved in the design and planning process of each project, from initial planning to the selection of materials. The artistic side of each possible venture inspires Arik and compels him to select the projects that InHouse develops. The options behind the design and functionality of the buildings are the starting point for each project; he considers these and other aspects carefully in order to promote and manifest beautiful and sustainable housing.

Avi Goldfinger

Avi is an experienced entrepreneur in the online marketing and startup world. He is the analytical side of the business, taking care of the numbers and strategy driving InHouse. Avi started working in real estate after meeting with Arik, who introduced him to InHouse’s first project – Gruzenberg 21. He fell in love with the idea, and became enamored with the creative process and the notion that through this project, he and his team could leave a mark on the city.